Hidden In Plain Sight – New York City
99¢ Fun walking tours of midtown Manhattan for the whole family

Although kids love looking at art, they sometimes find art museums stuffy and boring.

Now with these four family-friendly tour apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you and your kids can enjoy looking at lots of great art in New York City without stepping foot inside a museum at all. Outdoor art is waiting for you to sample all along the streets of Midtown Manhattan. And it’s free for the looking!

On each of the four outdoor art treasure hunts you’ll be shown pictures of a small part of an artwork and then you do your best to find the complete work. Once you’ve found each treasure you can tap the “Found” button to reveal more information about the artwork.

Each time you locate a treasure, you’ll also receive BONUS LETTERS that will lead you to a special surprise at the end of the treasure hunt.

Each tour should take about an hour or so to complete.

You’ll want to listen to the AUDIO TOUR while following along with the written text and stunning photographs. Just click on the Speaker Button in the bottom right corner.

And it’s impossible to get lost since we’ve built in a GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM which will easily direct you to each art treasure.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you follow the tours in order. Begin with Tour 1. The best tour to take next is Tour 2 which starts exactly at the ending location of Tour 1 and builds on it.  Tour 3 begins where Tour 2 left off, and so forth.

Tour 1 will take you from Grand Central to Rockefeller Center. Its title is CREATURES: REAL AND IMAGINARY!

Tour 2 treats you to 14 of the great works of art in and around Rockefeller center. It’s appropriately called ROCK AROUND “THE ROCK.”

Tour 3 takes you from Rockefeller Center cross town to the United Nations building finding “HEROES and MONSTERS.”

And finally, Tour 4 completes your art treasure hunt by exploring wonderful art throughout Central Park – “LOVE Those Animals.”

Ready to experience NYC in a fun and fascinating way? Beginning with Tour 1, download each of the tours for your iPod, iPhone or iPad at the App Store for only $0.99 each! .

Can you beat that price? Not in a New York minute!