Hidden In Plain Sight – New York City
99¢ Fun walking tours of midtown Manhattan for the whole family

Tour 1 – Creatures: Real and Imaginary

It’s easy to locate the spot where Tour 1 originates. It’s across the street from Grand Central Station located at East 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue. Once there you will begin a treasure hunt searching for 6 works of art traveling along 5th Avenue until you reach the final 2 art treasures located at Rockefeller Center.

The real creatures you will search for include carved lions, fish and geese.

The imaginary creatures include bronze winged horses, flying goats, the mythological messenger of the gods, the mighty Atlas holding up the heavens plus the god who gave the gift of fire to mankind.

And you’ll find them all easily listening to the audio commentary while following along with the fun text and photos. The GPS Navigation System in the top box will lead you to each and every treasure.

Plus you’ll earn BONUS LETTERS which will lead you to a final surprise at the end of the tour.

Download Tour 1 – Creatures Real and Imaginary by CLICKING HERE.  It’s only $0.99!